Mentoring Sessions for Musicians.

Organize, manage and advance your career in music.

As a mentor, my ultimate goal is to enhance your personal and professional development.
I like to guide you on organizing, managing, and advancing your music career, taking into consideration your goals, ambitions, dreams, personality, strengths, and abilities.
I help you focus on the ‘big picture’ perspective showing a clear overview of the business behind the art (from bookings till PR). Together, we can create an organizational structure that will ultimately help you build a more sustainable career.

My mentoring sessions are suitable for conservatory students, recent graduates, young and professional musicians.

I have been mentoring hundreds of musicians during the past years. Besides working as a private mentor, I collaborate as a mentor/expert with Cultuur + Ondernemen, Amarte Fonds, Keep an Eye Foundation, and On The Roof Amsterdam. Since February 2021, I am part of the Jazz Department of the Royal Conservatoire The Hague as a Professional Integration Coach. In addition to my mentorship roles, I work as a Professional Integration Coach for the Jazz Department at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague, and I am a lecturer at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU) and a guest teacher at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (CvA).


I like to guide you on organizing, managing, and advancing your music career, considering your goals, ambitions, dreams, personality, strengths, and abilities. Together, we can create an organizational structure that will ultimately help you build a more sustainable career. The sessions are TAILOR-MADE for you!

If your goal is to organize, manage and advance your career, I highly recommend Tami™ – TRAJECTORY. Trajectory means that we will have three sessions of 2h (6 hours in total) to work on YOUR career.

Yes, definitely!

The sessions take place at 2-3 week intervals to give you enough time to work on the tasks discussed during each session.

Of course! You can send me an email or book your FREE-15min Discovery Call*

*This call is not a mentoring session but a short Zoom video call to explain how I work and clarify some of your questions/curiosities regarding my mentoring sessions.

You can read the interview for about my career as a mentor for musicians HERE 🙂


  “Working with career coach Tami was an absolute fruitful experience. I admire the structure and order she can put into your work. That helps to give you a clear overview, which is a must-have for every young professional. Besides that, I felt a good trust and she was taking me and my work very seriously. This last thing is important to me. Especially in the field where there aren’t so many females, something that Tami is also focussing on. It was very interesting to share experiences and ideas about being a woman in the music industry. I felt empowered after our coaching session. Tami is an ambitious and eager coach who is very precise and I would seriously recommend her services to all the young musicians.”

Kika Sprangers (saxophonist – Young VIP 2018)

“Tami’s mentoring session was very supportive and helpful to me. The approach for working together is tailor-made to suit my band’s specific needs and provided very easy and creative ways to help elevate my project in a constructive, practical, and organized way.”

Guy Tristan Salamon (drummer – First prize winner of the 2018 Keep an Eye ‘The Records’)

“Tami was personal, professional and caring in her approach to our sessions. Despite the fact we were not able to meet in person due to Corona virus restrictions, I found our Skype meetings really useful. We discussed album concept, approaches to design and organisation prior to release. Her depth of experience, thoughtful and tailored approach, and clear minded organisation clarified a number of questions I had and gave me the confidence to make the most of my album release.”

Sam Newbould (saxophonist – First prize winner of the 2019 Keep an Eye ‘The Records’)

“Mentoring sessions with Tami were incredibly useful and eye-opening! She has given me a lot of great tools and insights to the business side of music, very useful and vital knowledge for any musician in today’s industry. I love how structured, honestly, and openly Tami shares her knowledge and experience (she has a lot of it!) and wants to think with you what would be the best way for YOU to go. The sessions are custom made for your purposes and goals, I love that! The coaching with Tami has definitely had a positive impact on my career. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her. I would recommend these mentoring sessions to any artist.”

Kirsi-Marja Harju (Finnish singer, trumpet player, composer and KAMA Kollektiv bandleader)

“I had the privilege to have Tami as my first mentor for my musical project that will come in the near future. Tami has a wide knowledge not only for producing and guiding the artist but also about the whole environment that involves the music industry. She was able to bring to light everything I should be aware of during the process of releasing an album, networking, tour management, and eventually strategy to approach producers and venues. I’m incredibly happy to have the opportunity to have worked with her.”

Lucas Santana (First prize winner of the 2020 Keep an Eye ‘The Records’)

“Tami’s mentoring sessions have been super useful to me. She shared a lot of knowledge about different aspects of the business in music. In these times it’s not only about making music and that’s sometimes really confusing. This tailor-made approach has helped me a lot to get my business organized more productively and to get a better overview of myself as a musician and entrepreneur. Thanks, Tami!”

Sjoerd van Eijck (pianist, composer, bandleader – Mudita, OAK. Artist selected for Music Hub Brabant 2020/2021)

“Working with Tami has been amazing. Not only is she very structured and very competent in several aspects of the music industry, she is also kind and easy to talk to.Everytime we finished a meeting I felt stronger and assured that things were going to work out. She took me and my questions seriously and tackled them with creativity. Being a musician in these times goes so much further than just making music and it can be confusing and overwhelming. She brings a lot of clarity into the complicated parts of this.I feel much more ready to release my album and would definitely recommend young musicians to work with Tami!”

Nina Rompa (singer – New Generation 2019)

“Tami and I were connected by Amarte Fonds. It was the perfect match to start up a business and promotion of my new album. She was able to help me channel my thoughts and ideas into clear promotional content. With examples directly from her experiences I was able to take ten steps forward in just two meetings of time.”

Daniel van Loenen (composer and multi-instrumentalist)

“Tami has been a source of huge insight. I breathe for music and not for career management, but with Tami it’s been a manageable task to take on. With all from developing production strategy, understanding my own brand to simply finding out what I want to and need to do, Tami TM has been a big help. Tami is a great team-mate and a bright and clever person to work together with.”

Teis Semey (guitarist, composer, and bandleader – winner of the Princess Christina Jazz Competition, the Keep An Eye Jazz Award and the Leiden Jazz Award)

“Thanks again for helping me out with the social media. I finally started to learn the why, what, and how of this. Moreover, you also inspired me to do this my own way and to make it fun. You gave me some very good tips about writing a bio, how to connect the different platforms, and which are the most important ones.”

Remco Menting (drummer, percussionist, composer, and workshop leader – PULSE: the unique improvisation-based percussion workshop)

“Tami guided me through the first steps of building my own business in music. Coming out of the theatre work field was an immensely important leap into a whole different direction. With clear tools, she managed to give me instant insights and a great understanding of how to explore this new area. We also worked on creating achievable and personalized goals, something that motivated and inspired me even more. Tami proved she is extremely aware of the combination between the business and the artistic part of facing a career in music. Most of all, Tami is a kind soul, someone I trusted and respected immediately. She helped me so much in making certain choices and exploring and communicating my personal signature”

NELEKKE (singer-songwriter)

Tami is a smart and kind mentor, interested in what her mentee is doing, what are the goals and helping to define the means to reach them.Besides knowledge about the music field and individual tips there’s a lot of encouragement and inspiration.Just like being an artist, working on promoting your music still means you can be yourself and have your way of communicating, doing things and dealing with situations.Over 4 mentoring sessions my feeling about my band (August 38th which is a vocal ensemble consisting of 10 band members) changed from “everything is a mess” to “we have made big steps over 3 months”. Mentoring sessions with Tami gave me a very good structure for the work that needs to be done, reflect on the progress and get individual advice on how to continue.

Laura Polence (singer, composer, teacher)

“Before I joined Tami’s sessions I needed help with planning, structure and gaining contacts. Also I was unaware of certain things, like how to write a press release. Tami helped me very well with all of these issues, in three efficient and valuable sessions. She has acces to all the information that one would like to have as a musician, and is very generous in sharing it. Next to that she is also an amazing human being who will stay in touch with you and makes you feel like she cares about you as a person, not only as a product. Tami, thank you so much for everything you have done for me, I feel like it already helped and is going to help my music career a lot”

Linde Tillmanns (pianist, composer)
Tami TM Music Business Academy – Partners
A few of my dear (former) mentees 🙂 We are over 300!