Masterclass – “Tami TM – Navigating the Contemporary Music Industry”

An Overview of Networking, Bookings, Organizational Aspects, Promotion, Social Media, and more.

In this masterclass, you will gain an understanding of the contemporary music industry from the perspective of networking, bookings, organizational aspects, promotion, social media, and beyond. With a focus on the industry’s business and creative aspects, you will learn the key elements that make up the modern music ecosystem and how they interact to create sustainable careers.

Drawing from her expertise and experience, Tami has tailored this course to address the most commonly asked questions about the music business by her students and mentees.

Throughout the class, we will cover a range of topics, including:

• Networking and building relationships in the music industry;

• Understanding the booking process, including how to write a pitch email;

• Organizational aspects, such as managing your contacts and productivity;

• Social Media strategies for musicians;

Target Audience

Professional Musicians / Conservatory Students / Also suitable for other music industry professionals who would like to understand the most common challenges and dilemmas that musicians face on the business side of the arts.

Online Tami TM_Navigating the Contemporary Music Industry_INFO by Tami Toledo Matuoka